This is as complete a list of Medicom Kubrick figures as I have been able to decipher so far. It is probably woefully incomplete, so feel free to let me know what's wrong and/or missing. Note that I have deliberately ignored Be@rbricks, Pawbricks, and Babekubs. There's good information about Kubricks here (in the forums) and Be@rbricks here. ToyBeast and ToysREvil are really great blogs that will help you keep up with Kubrick / Be@rbrick releases. I'm also ignoring stuff like mini-mates, MezIts, and other inferior-to-me knock-offs. I would love to merge with those lists, but that will probably take a while. But it *is* on my radar, as is adding pictures. I've been building an archive of images, and will probably start linking to those relatively soon.

Note that the following is a list of what could be available. Generally it may be hard to find specific Kubricks - eBay and forums on collector's sites are probably your best bets. Sometimes Froogle has helped me track down specific Kubricks, too... but a lot of stores' figures aren't indexed by any search engine, so you may need to simply troll Japanese import stores in order to find what you want. It can be quite hard to find certain Kubricks, so be patient when looking for your particular favorite. I eBay as 'zachd'. I'll try to avoid bidding on what you're bidding on if you let me know who you are. I personally strongly recommend Ronald and Nicole Workshop on eBay - they often have stuff I've never seen before and are excellent business people in my experience. There's a couple fragile Kubricks out there - the Three of Clubs Disney 'brick for example - so if you're buying a fragile one make sure they know it might not really be "Unbreakable." =)

My Kubrick image cache (none cleared for any commercial use! - for look-up/educational use only).

Medicom finally put out a fairly complete list of their Kubricks here: I'm glad that exists. Note it skips over hidden / chase Kubricks but is otherwise a superb resource.
Last updated January 7 2017.

A Mostly Full List of Kubricks
Box set: Jack Bauer, '24' dark steel Be@rbrick
ABS (1st release bagged, 2nd release boxed)
400% solid Yellow, solid Red, solid blue
Aibou 3
Box set: Sugishita Ukyo and 'Season 7' Be@rbrick
Albirex Niigata
Cardeds: Abiirex (home), Abiirex (Keeper)
Alice in Wonderland
Box set 1: Mad Hatter (red jacket), Cheshire Cat Be@rbrick
Box set 2: Mad Hatter (blue jacket), White Rabbit Be@rbrick
Alien 400% (2008)
Aliens 400% (forthcoming 2008)
Quadrilogy DVD Box Set- Special translucent green head Alien
Box Set A: Space Jockey, alien eggs
Series 1: Nostromo Suit Ripley (7/24), Ash (2/24), Alien (8/24), Parker (2/24), Face huggered Kane (5/24), Alien Egg and Face Hugger (1/48)
Series 2: Chestburster with eggs (7/24), Ripley (2/24), Kane in suit with Facehugger (5/24), Lambert (5/24), Dallas (5/24), Kane and Chestburster (1/48)
SDCC Exclusive Alien (2006): Old-style Alien (boxed)
Box Set (Oct 2007, 3000 limited): Ripley, Power Loader, Queen, 4 eggs, 3 aliens
Amelie (2002)
Japan DVD box set (KUB-S022): Zorro Amelie
Box set: Amelie, Gnome
HMV DVD: Green blouse Amelie (or is this black and white... ?)
Andre the Giant
Upcoming: 100%, 400%
André x
Monsieur A: red, black
Monsieur A 400%: red, black
Andy Warhol
1000% Andy (2003)
Factory Pack #1: Andy Warhol, Be@rhol, Sam Blue, Banana
Babaa Zone
Gataro Man in diaper (in the R2 Babaa Zone DVD Box Set)
Baby Milo
Series 001 (Sept 2002): Chimpman, Baby Milo, White Stallion, Green Camo Milo, Chimp General, Chimp Soldier, Foot Rooper, Simple Soldier, Foot Soldier, Grey Face
Series 002 (Oct 2002): Chimp Girl, Baby Goriie, Brown Stallion, Pink Camo Milo, Chimp General, Chimp Soldier, Foot Rooper, Simple Soldier, Foot Soldier, Chimp General
Series 003 (Jan 2003): Gutanman, Baby Gutan, Gray Stallion, Black Camo Milo, Chimp General, Chimp Soldier, Foot Rooper, Simple Soldier Foot Soldier, 1 more Milo
Series 004 (April 2003): Baby Dobbie, Baby Lita, Black Stallion, Blue Camo Milo, Chimp General, Chimp Soldier, Foot Rooper, Simple Soldier, Foot Soldier, 1 more Milo
Series 005: 10 different Milos (July 2003)?
Series 006: 10 different Milos (Oct 2003)?
Series 007: 10 different Milos (Jan 2004)?
Back to the Future
Back to the Future 20th Anniversary Japan DVD Box Set: DeLorean, Black and white Doc in tan suit, Black and white Marty in dark clothes with skate board
Series 1 blind boxed: Biff, Doc, Jennifer, Einstein, Marty, Under the Sea Marty (hidden)
Future Car vehicle (seats 2 Kubricks, is NOT the deLorean, it's a Blade Runner 'Spinner' car)
Set A (MEDKUBS093): Nuke Suit Marty, DeLorean
Set B (MEDKUBS109): Hoverboard Marty, Old Man Biff, Yellow Lab Coat Doc, Future Car
Set C (MEDKUBS121): DeLorean in flying car mode, Undercover Marty, Griff, Doc
Set D: DeLorean, Western Marty, Western Biff, Western Doc
The Band Apart
Recognize EP (1500 lim, Dec 2004): CD with clear black "The Band Apart" Kubrick
Batman Animated Series
400% Grey/Blue Batman
Gotham Knights carded: Grey/black Batman, light blue Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat, Killer Croc, Terry McGinnis, Blight
Batman Begins / Dark Knight
Batman Begins box set 2007: Batman, Ras' Al Ghul, Scarecrow
Dark Knight box set A 2008: Batman, clear blue logoed Be@rbrick
Dark Knight box set B 2008: Joker, Why So Serious Be@rbrick
Batman Comic Book
DC Direct Box set - Batgirl, Batman, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Robin
Japan Box Set: grey Batman, black Batgirl, Jason Todd Robin, white Azrael, grey Scarecrow
Batman Movie
Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, Penguin with Rocket (!!), Selina Kyle
Batman Remote Control Car set: Batman Returns-style Batmobile and Batman
Batman Series
Batman (6/24), Tim Drake Robin (5/24), Batgirl (5/24), Azrael (3/24), Mr. Freeze (3/24), Scarecrow (2/24), Spoiler (hidden chase - 1/96)
Battle Royale (2001)
Special Bagged Set: Shuya Nanahara, Noriko Nakagawa, Kitano, map, pen
Singles: Male student, Female Student, Teacher (names?)
Box Set of 3: Male student, Female Student, Teacher (names?)
T-shirt set: Male student (and t-shirt)
Battlefield Baseball (aka Jigoku Koshien / Hell Stadium / Battlefield Stadium)
(note that Grandma is from the ramen short)
Grandma Babaa Zombie (in R2 Battlefield Baseball Box set, 5000 limited)
Glow-in-the-dark Grandma Babaa Zombie (in HMV R2 Battlefield Baseball Box set)
Series 1 (individually boxed): Yakyu Jubeh, Four Eyes Megane, Matsui Gorilla, Bancho, Gedo leader, gang leader catcher (secret)
Ticket appreciations (bagged, 4000 lim) - Grandma Babaa Zombie, tan Grandma Babaa Zombie, Gataro Man
Bayside Shakedown 2
Wangan Kun box set
Beams Boy white 400%
Boxed: Beams boy white
Exclusive: Beams boy pink
The Beatles
"Can't Buy Me Love" blue outfits box set (July 2007): John, Paul, Ringo, George
"Can't Buy Me Love" black outfits box set (July 2007): John, Paul, Ringo, George
The Beatles 1000% (Action City exclusive): John, Paul, Ringo, George
Set A- Gats, Casca, Griffith, Zodd
Set B- Gats, Femto, Zoddo, Befferit
Blade Runner
DVD Box set: Kubrick scale Spinner (blue, unlike the black BTTF version)
Blair Witch Project (2000)
Set A - Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael Williams, stickman
Set B BW2 Book of Shadows - Stephen Ryan Parker, Erica Gerson, Tristen Ryler, Jeff Patterson, Kim Diamond
Series 1- 20 figures: Aztec Arrival, Pow-Wow Poncho, Medieval Mood, Hollywood. Each type has 1 of 4 colors (blue, orange, green, pink). Secrets are Blueberry, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon.
Series 2- Golden Goddess, Bohemian Beat, U Go Girl, Miss Anniversary, Cinnamon Girl, Snow Wonder
Bounty Hunter store exclusives
Bounty Hunter 1000%
Bounty Hunter (bagged KUBPRO-007, April 2001, 1000 lim)
Bruce Lee (2001)
Box Set- Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, Chinese Connection
Sakura Hobby Shop exclusives: Third Strike Chun Li (bagged), Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers) Morrigan (bagged)
Unknown (potentially bootleg?) 2001: Third Strike silver Gouki aka Akuma (3000 limited, on Capcom Street Fighter III lanyard in plastic pouch)
Megaman Box Set 1 (2010): Megaman, blue Extra Life Be@rbrick
Megaman Box Set 2 (2010): Protoman, red Extra Life Be@rbrick
Casshern Movie
Movie promotion KUBPRO38 Casshern red bagged
Movie promotion KUBPRO39 Burai black bagged
HMV DVD promotion KUBPRO043: Bloody Cassshern
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka, Golden Ticket Bearbrick
Willy Wonka 400% (Fall 2006?)
Set of 25 Oompa Loompas (Fall 2006?, 5 each: red, blue, black white, yellow)
Willy Wonka 100%
Child's Play 2 (aka Good Guys 2, 2002)
Blind boxed Good Guys: Construction Worker, Good Guy, Indian, Doctor, Fireman, Baseball Player, Soldier, Cowboy, Evil Chucky (hidden)
DVD Premium: Crazy Chucky with knife
Cobra (Amusement Kubrick)
Box amusement prizes: Red suit guy, Blue robot(?) girl, translucent gold robot, blonde girl, hoverbike
Box set: Cosmonaut, Space Dog, Space Station
Crazy Toys Exclusive
Super Festival 23 Boxed: Craze, Cracle
Mail-away Olive des Olive: Craze, Cracle
Cro-Magnons (Balzac)
Reset set (red): Monster, Ghost, Vampire, Atom-Age Vampire (also includes 7" EP)
Box set (black): Monster, Ghost, Vampire, Atom-Age Vampire (also includes 7" EP)
Daft Punk
Daft Punk remix CD with 2 Daft Punk Kubricks (3000 lim.)
Daft Punk 1000% Kubricks (2009)
Daft Punk Tron box set (March 2011, MEDKUB-298, white)
Daredevil Movie
Movie Concession bagged KUBPRO-022: Daredevil (matte)
w/ DVD KUBPRO-026: boxed Daredevil (gloss)
DC Comics
75th Anniversary Super Deluxe set of 10: Superman (Superman Returns), Batman (Dark Knight), The Joker (redeco of the Dark Knight Joker), Batman (redeco of Animated Batman), Robin (redeco of Animated Robin), Batgirl (redeco of animated Batgirl), Harley Quinn (redeco of animated Harley), Batman (redeco of 1989 Batman), Catwoman (Batman Returns), Batman (redeco of comics Batman)
75th Anniversary Box Sets: Animated Batman, Robin; Dark Knight Returns Batman, Joker; Movies Batman, Superman
Dead Leaves
Chinko-Drill (carded, 2005 Chicago ComicCon Exclusive)
Blister pack set: Pandy and Retro
Box Set- weird guy with whip, strange robot, strange guy with thing on hand
Destroyder Collection (The Mad Capsule Markets band)
Carded with "The Mad Capsule Markets" CD: Mega White Crusher, White Crusher, Black Cyborn
Box set of 8: White Crusher 02, White Crusher 03, Black Cyborn 02, Black Cyborn 03, Black Cyborn SP, Child, Erika, Pochi
Black Cyborn
Chaos Step
Devilman (2001)
Set A "The Animation": Demon General, Blue Devilman, Miki Maki
Set B "The Animation": Akira, Sirene, Kaimu
Set C "The Original": Human devilman, Ryo Asuka, girl
Animation Amusement Prize Series 1 (boxed, 8 in set): guy, red monster, blue Devilman, purple Devilman, light blue/gold Devilman, ?, ?, ?
Animation Amusement Prize Series 2 (boxed): damaged Devilman, God, ?, ?
Dual Series Box: Mazinger Z, Devilman
Sunglasses Set: Black demon, ?
White Kubrick with "DVLCK" written on it
Devilock (One Piece) movie
Mail-away exclusive: Baron Omatsuri
Set A: Monkey D Luffy, Roronoah Zoro, Nami, Usopp
Set B: Tony Tony Chopper, Robin, Sanji, Shanks
Steamboat Willie box set- BW Mickey, BW Pete
carded Yellow Future Mickey (WCC17 exclusive)
carded Red Future Mickey (WCC19 exclusive)
D-100 Clear blue Mickey and t-shirt set (Harajuku D_100 coffee shop exclusive)
DLT "D-Lab" D-Hype Mickey D Lab Event
CD Set: Santa Mickey ("Twinkling Fun Santa Mickey", comes with the Twinkling Fun: Disney Christmas CD)
series 1 Sept 2001 - BW Mickey, BW Minnie, Pinochhio, Beast, Toy Story Alien, Genie, Aladdin in lamp (1/48), Santa Jack Skellington
series 2 Feb 2002 - BW Donald (3/24), BW Goofy (5/24), Jiminy Cricket (3/24), Cruella DaVille (3/24), Snow White (3/24), Toy Story Andy (2/24), NMBC Skeleton Reindeer (2/24), Christmas Mickey (1/48)
series 3 Sept 2002 - Jafar (5/24), Sorcerer's Broom (4/24), Tinkerbell (2/24), NMBC Tree (2/24), Toy Story Army Man (2/24), Rocketeer (5/24), Evil Mickey (1/96), Evil Pete (1/96)
series 4 July 2003 - Bambi (6/24), BW Mickey (5/24), White Rabbit (3/24), Captain Hook (3/24), Mary Poppins (3/24), Zurg (2/24), NMBC Clown (2/24), Belle (chase)
series 5 2003 - Sorceror Mickey (7/24), Ariel (5/24), BW Plane Crazy Pete (5/24), Gepetto (3/24), NMBC Pumpkin King Jack (4/24), Old B.O.B. (4/24), Jafar in lamp (1/48)
series 6 - Parade Mickey, Aladdin, Blue Fairy, Pinocchio, Roger Rabbit, Queen's Card Guard, Alice, Maximillian, Captain Jack Skellington, Evil Queen from Snow White (1/48)
series 7 (MEDKUB-199A, April 2005) blind boxed- BW Western Mickey, BW Pistol Pete, Peter Pan, James (Giant Peach), Vincent, Maleficient (1/48)
Dolly Dearest
Box Set A (3 figures)
Yellow Doraemon (WCC18)
Set A- Doreamon, child, sled thing
Set B- Gian, Shizuka, Suneya
Set C- Doraemon, Dorami, Nobita, "Anywhere Door"
Dragon Head
Box set- 6 people
Movie ticket exclusive KUBPRO-032 bagged: Dragon Head Nobuo Lawson
Easy Bombers
TWIM shop exclusive, mail order boxed: Bomberkid, Devil Bomber (red), Devil Bomber (blue), Mummy Bomber, Bomb Trooper
eBay Japan
Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Black
Edward Scissorhands
Box set: Edward, Kim, Ice Angel, shrubbery (aka topiary)
2007: Edward in suspenders
Eric So
Eric So Boon Toys catalog: Girl, Boy included
Evirob (2001-02)
400% Evirob (500 lim, for Japan Toy Festival 23, 2002 aka Superfestival 23)
Book set: Devil Evirob
Silver bagged: Silver evirob
Evirob Gold DVD set: Evirobison gold
Evirob "Get on! Special Future Comic" book set (Dec 2003): blue devil Evirobull (5000 lim)
Evirob "Get on! Special Future Comic" book set (Dec 2003): red devil Evirob (3000 lim)
Evirobox 1st anniversary kit: Evirob Zero, Evirob Metamorphase
Evirob Kubrick Box Set: Gold Evirob, Silver Evirob
Devilrobots 10th Anniversary Box Set (Oct 2007, MEDKUB228): Gold Devilrobot, Silver Devilrobot
"Eviroboy" series- Eviroboy, Buster, Himelin, Gakigaki, Chaos
Series 1- Evirob, Spike, Hork, Ghost, Knight
Series 2- Evirob (armor), Will, Mad, Sads of Son, Combine
Series 3- Soldier, Heroin, Type-3, Enemy, Son
Get On! Evirob Series 007: evirobull (Evirobison horn)
Evirob: Evirob 100% (for Japan Toy Festival 23, 2002 aka Superfestival 23)
Nokia Exclusive "Eviroboyz" (Eviroboy repaints, glow-in-the-dark) boxset: Hiphop, Jazz, Dance, Rock, Pop. Only ten sets available, sold for Make-A-Wish Foundation, box is autographed and includes a hand-drawn poster by DevilRobots Chief Designer, Shinichiro Kitai.
Fantastic Four Movie
bagged, movie benefit: Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing, Invisible Woman
Rise of the Silver Surfer movie benefit (2007): Silver Surfer
Fantastipo Movie
Movie promotions (2100 lim, Feb 2005): Domoto Tsuyoshi, Kokubun Taichi
Fly Daddy Fly
Set- very tan guy, guy in green outfit
Blind-boxed (standard body with Fossil logo chest): Blue, white, orange, sea green
Frank Kozik: Labbit
Series 1 (carded): White, grey, black
FreshJive Seditionary
John Cardiel (carded)
FujiFilm FujiColor Alarm Clock
FujiFilm attendant, FujiFilm store / alarm clock
Futura 2000 Unkle
1000% Blue camo
400% Clear Recon Unkle
400% Green (Xmas 2003), 400% Pink
white (300 lim, UNKLE exhibition 2003 exclusive)
clear, clear with black hat
Box set of 25 clear (500 lim)
"Eye for an Eye" Box set: Black, blue, pink, purple (comes with 10" record)
Gachapin & Mukku box set (June 2009)
GaoGaiGar (2002)
Box sets: GaoFar, GaoFighGar
Figure King Magazine mail-away Box sets: gold GaoFar, gold GaoFighGar
General Mills Cereal (2006)
Carded: Frankenberry (KUBS-249), Count Chocula (KUBS-251), Boo Berry (KUBS-250)
Carded: (~1000 limited, glow in the dark variations): Frankenberry, Count Chocula, Boo Berry
Getta / Getter Robo (2001)
Manga Box set: Getter Robo 1, 2, 3
Anime Box set: Getter Robo 1, 2, 3
Series 1 (forthcoming 2009?): Dr Peter Venkman, Dr Raymond Stantz, Dr Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Slimer, Ghostbusters logo ghost, Stay-Puft
Ghost Story
Ghost Story glow in the dark boxed Kubrick
GI Joe
Boxed: Nurse, Soldier, Pilot, Marine, Sailor, black Soldier (hidden)
Glico candy toys (sold in a box with Glico caramels or Busco cookies)
19 different figures: Glico man, Glico man rare color, you, you rare color, Judo, Judo rare color, Diver, Diver rare color, Cowboy, Spaceman, Spaceman rare color, Soccer guy, DJ, Surfer, Surfer rare color, Surfer rare color 2, Racer, You other rare, Real Glico Man
The Golden Compass
2008 Box set: Lyra, armored bear Be@rbrick
Grand Theft Auto
GTA3 SDCC set (3000): 8-ball, Tommy, Donald Love, Misty, Salvatore
Vice City set (3000, summer 2006): Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance, Ricardo Diaz, Candi Suxx, Ken Rosenberg
San Andreas set: Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, Ryder, Carl "CJ" Johnson, Hippie The Truth, Officer Frank Tenpenny
The Great Escape
Set A- Cooler King A, Manufacturer, Scrounger, Big X, motorcycle
Set B- Tunnel King, Cooler King B, Forger, Dispersal, trolley
Green Hornet (2002)
Box set- Green Hornet, Kato
Box set (Dec 2010?): Mogwai, Stripe
GSX Smart Watch
Full Metal Kubrick (lim. to 300, came with watch, WCC12 ticket, May 2005)
Red watch Kubrick (KUBPRO-011 bagged with watch, July 2001)
Black watch Kubrick (KUBPRO-011 bagged with watch, July 2001)
Gumby (2 series)
Series 1 KUB081 blind boxed- Gumby (6/24), Pokey (5/24), Blockhead G (2/24), Blockhead J (2/24), Prickle (3/24), Goo (3/24), Minga (3/24), space Gumby (1/48)
Series 2 KUB116 blind boxed- Western Gumby (5/24), Gumbo (3/24), Gumba (3/24), Tara (3/24), Thinbuckle (3/24), Fatbuckle (3/24), Nobuckle (2/24), Prof. Kapp (2/24), Space Pokey (1/48)
Halo 2: boxed green Master Chief Kubrick
Halo 3 Set 1 (August 2007): Blue, Red, Green, Clear (in non-"chase" sets), Black (chase sets)
Halo 3 Set 2 regular version (August 2008): Steel, Gold, Green, and White (normal sets) or Purple (chase sets)
Halo 3 Set 2 video game stores version (August 2008): Steel, Gold, Battle-Damaged Green, and Pink (normal sets) or Purple (GameStop only)
Halo 3 11 Pack (October 2008, limited edition of 250 from Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Battle-Damaged Green, Pink, Purple, Steel, Clear, Black
Hanakuma Factory (2001)
Boxed: Technique House, Grappler, Office Worker, Department Manager, Older Brother
Department Manager, Grappler, Guy (gi), Guy (work clothes), Older Brother, Worker
Harry Potter
Box set (~Dec 2010): Harry Potter in Quidditch gear, black Be@rbrick
Individual boxes: Harry in Hogwarts outfit, Hermione in Hogwarts outfit, Ron in Hogwarts outfit, Hagrid, Snape, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Lucius Malfoy (secret), Sirius Black (secret)
Carded: Harry Potter in Quidditch gear (April 2011, MEDKUB292)
Box set (lim 3000): Ninja, Monstrous beast
Hedora and Keiko Mori
Tower Records Japan exclusive CD + Kubrick box set (500 limited): Hedora, Keiko Mori
Hello Kitty
Upcoming: DPX Dissected Version
400% Quolomo exclusive
Hitoro Anzai (Hiroko Anzai)
Bagged: Redhead, Brunette, Blonde
Hysteric Mini-Chan
carded Hysteric Mini-Chan (Dec 2002)
400% iKub white, 400% iKub black (MEDKUB200, exclusive (?))
400% iKub shuffle
Imaginary Force
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 400% (Sept 2008, Project 1/6 exclusive)
Box set (Sept 2008, KUB-239): Indiana Jones (brown hat with black band, sword, satchel strap), Golden Idol Be@rbrick
GSX Indy Watch Pre-order bonus (500 only): Carded Indiana Jones on 1981 Kenner "Raiders"-style card (brown hat with no band, no satchel strap, gun, whip)
Iron Man
Iron Man 2 (Nov 2010): Iron Man Mark IV, Iron Man Mark V, Iron Man Mark VI, War Machine, Whiplash, Black Widow, race Tony Stark (chase)
James Jarvis
Marvin Set 1 - Evil Martin, Bubba, Tattoo Me Keith, Bearded Prophet, Policeman, Lars
Marvin Series 1 - 5 different people
Juvenile Delinquents - 5 different people
Japaharinet (band)
Japaharinet hedgehog (2004, based upon their Kaeri Michi album cover)
Jin Roh Panzer
mail-aways: Jin Roh, Ken Roh
Box set: X-Plus vinyl Kanegon 9" figure with cocoon plus black/white 100% Kid
400% KAWS
Bus stop sets: 5 box sets, each with 2 figures and bus stop
Kellogg's Cereal
Series 1 blind boxed (2001): Choco Kun, King Kombo, Tony the Tiger, Melvin, Ice Hockey Tony (1/48)
Series 2 blind boxed (2002): The Blue Gnu, Corny, Snap, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Puffa Puffa Rice Bearbrick (1/96), Coach Tony the Tiger (1/96)
Series 3 blind boxed (MEDKUB-146A, May 2004): Sugar Pon, Sunny, Baby Toucan, Poppy, Pop, K Logo (1/96), Mrs. Tony (1/96)
Kerberos Panzer Cop
Comic set: Kerberoz Panzer Cop (also includes prints and white and black manga)
Kiks.Tyo store exlcusive
April 2008: blue shirt Aki Hoshino, pink shirt Aki Hoshino
King Ghidora
Box set of 3: Zebra, DJ Oasis, K Dub Shine
Kisarazu Cat's Eye
Box Set A:
Box Set B:
Band set of 4 (2009)
Kochikame (Kotikame, Kameari Park Agency)
Kameari Park Agency display / back-drop
Box set KUB-037: Guy in white suit, blue cop, Reiko (pink dress)
Series 1 blind boxed (2001): Honda, Nakagamawa (suit), Reiko (dress), Ryotsu, Ryotsu (boy), Ryotsu (deformer)
Series 2 (2002): Blast Dragon, Honda (deformed), Jodi, Nakagawa, Reiko (dress), Ryotsu, Ryotsu (camo), Volvo
Kostas Assassin
boxed Kostas Assassin (Feb 2003, lim 500)
red Assassin_255 (After Hours limited sale)
Kotaro and Chuwta by T9G
2007: Kotaro and Chuwta set
Kubrick Basic
Basic 1 - Tan, White, Red, Blue, Yellow
Basic 2 - Blue shirt girl, White shirt girl, White shirt guy, Black shirt guy, Red shirt guy
Kubrick Bible Book
guy with the Silver book (March 2003)- Satan Arbeit
guy with the Gold book (March 2003)- John's Surf
Kubrick Customize Sets (2001-02)
Boy Set 1
Boy Set 2
Girl Set 1
Girl Set 2
Kubrick Promos (mail-aways)
KUBPRO01 Hiroshi Fujiwara (Finnes model)
KUBPRO01 Hiroshi Fujiwara (Goodenough model)
KUBPRO01 Hiroshi Fujiwara (MA-1 model)
KUBPRO03 white Devilock
KUBPRO09 guy in camo shirt
Mail-away Geton! 5 away soccer team (KUBPRO13)
Mail-away Geton! 5 home soccer team
KUBPRO14 Kaidan Da Vinci
KUBPRO15 pink Devilock Brenda
KUBPRO16 Big Comic Original series (boxed): Hagure-Gumo, Densuke Hamasaki, Yasutake Kageura, Ryu Oshikoji, Ieyasu Kitabe, Kenzo Tenma, Keisuke Okita, Ippei Suzuki
KUBPRO19 Nigo (guy in sunglasses with camo shirt)
Kurosagi Movie
Set (March 2008): Kurosagi, movie-theme Be@rbrick
Levi's (came with clothing purchases)
New opening Kubricks: Red, Blue, Yellow
KUBS047 bagged Kubricks - came with clothing purchases: Miner (w/ Miner Print T-shirt), Cowgirl (w/ Cowgirl Print T-shirt), Biker (w/ Biker Print T-shirt), Hippie (w/ Hippie Print T-shirt), Saddleman w/ horse (w/ 501 jeans)
Lincoln (Oct 2007)
Box set blue: Hamada, Mimura, Hotohara, Amano, Lincoln Be@rbrick
Box set red: Matsumoto, Otake, Miyasako, Udo, Yamaguchi
Lost: TV Series
Box Set 1 (KUB-236): Jack with Be@brick
Series 1 (July 2008): Locke (12/96), jacket-less Jack (19/96), Charlie (8/96), Hurley (8/96), Sawyer (18/96), Kate (16/96), Sayid (12/96), Desmond (secret, 2/96), Ben (secret, 1/96)
Lupin the III
Series 1 blind boxed- Lupin, Ishikawa, Kago, dress Claris, Fujiko, Juigen Daisuke, Castle Guard Gustav (1/24), Priest (1/96), Count (1/96)
Series 2 blind boxed- Claris (4/24), Inspector Zenigata (4/24), Lupin (3/24), Master Cagliostro (3/24), Fujiko (4/24), Riot Police Officer (6/24), Kage (1/96), Bride Claris (1/96)
Set A (MEDKUB-151): Racing Suit Lupin, Fujiko Mine, Mr. X
Set B: Fujiko in riding suit, motorcycle
Carded set of 5: 01:chocolate, 02:Orange-chocolate, 03:Cafe mocha, 04:Strawberry-Milk, 05:Milk
Maharishi DPM Identifiers
Series 1: Bonsai Forest, Desert Hex, Maharish x Futura Splinter, MHI Sikh, Bonsai Step, Maharishi Tigerstripe
Series 2: Pop, Warhol, Bonsai Forest, Urban, Desert, Pinkland
Makai Tenshou (Samurai Resurrection)
Set of 3 people
'Ninja' set of 5: Death, Buri, Rori, Guri, Cat
Marvel (1999-)
400% Venom (WCC16 exlusive), Spiderman (WCC17 exclusive)
Spiderman Set MEDKUB-159- Spiderman, Punisher with coat, Daredevil (yellow/brown), Venom, Carnage
X-Men Set MEDKUB-160 Jun 2002- Magneto (fuschia), Storm (black), Professor X (brown), Wolverine (brown), Cyclops (x-factor white)
Series 1 MEDKUB-067 Oct 2003 blind boxed- Spiderman (5/24), Wolverine (blue/yellow) (4/24), Colossus (3/24), Silver Surfer (4/24), Cyclops (3/24), Iron Man (2/24), Storm (white) (2/24), Dr. Doom (1/24), Venom Punisher (1/96)
Series 2 MEDKUB-103 Aug 2004 blind boxed- Apocalypse (2/24), Venom (5/24), Omega Red (2/24), Professor X (3/24), Punisher (4/24), Gambit (3/24), Iceman (4/24), Nightcrawler (1/24), Peter Porker (1/96)
Series 3 MEDKUB-152 blind boxed- Jean Grey, Human Tourch, Daredevil, Black Spiderman, Magneto (red), Juggernaut, Carnage, Doppleganger Spiderman (1/48)
Series 4 MEDKUB-197 blind boxed- Havok, Wolverine, Captain America, Morph, Mr Fantastic, Hobgoblin, Scarlet Spider, Black Peter Porker (1/96)
Maschinen Krieger
Box set (Wonderfest 2004 exclusive): Maschinen Krieger Kubrick, Bearbrick
Chapter 1 blind boxed- A.F.S, S.A.F.S, Fire Ball SG, Snake Eye, RACOON, RAPTOR
Chapter 2 blind boxed- Snake, Racoon, Raptor, Fireball SG, AFS, SAFS
Chapter 3 (April 2005, MEDKUB-207A) blind boxed- Gustav 1, Gustav 2, Melusine 1, Melusine 2, PKA 1, PKA 2
Masked Rider
7-11 blister pack: Masker Rider and Dragon Horseman
Matrix Reloaded
blind boxes 2001: Architect (1/96) Niobe (3/24), Persephone (2/24), Trinity (5/24), Merovingian (2/24), Twin (3/24), Neo (5/24), Morpheus (4/24), Keymaker (1/96)
Mazinger Z (2000-)
Set A- Pink Human Pilot Girl, Mazinger Z (comes apart- awesome), purple evil guy
Set B- two faced lacy, orange robot, orange small robot
Set C- Koji Kabuto, Dabulas M2
Set C- Koji Kabuto, Mazinger Z with flight wings (still awesome), Dabulas M2 (not sure where this set comes from...?)
Dual Series Box: Mazinger Z, Devilman
Memories of Matsuko (Kiraware Matsuko no Ongaku) movie
Bagged (KUBS230, 2006): Matsuko
Metal Gear Solid
Solid 2 (2001)- Solid Snake (5/24), Hal Emmerich, Olga Gurlukovich (2/24), Revolver Ocelot (3/24), Otacon (2/24), Gurlukovich Soldier Tiger Stripe (6/24), Gurlukovich Soldier Woodland (6/24), Gurlukovich Soldier Night Vision (1/96), Raiden (1/96)
Solid 3- Snake Camoflage, 'Squares' camo Snake (carded, 500, WCC19), Snaker Eater in Cold War Camo (SDCC05), Tiger Stripe Snake (DVD pack), Olive Drab Snake
Metal Gear 20th Anniversary series (Dec 2007 blind-boxed): Solid Snake (MSG1), Cyborg Ninja (MSG1), Big Boss in Camo (MGS3), Old Snake (MGS4), Raiden (MGS4), clear Ninja (hidden), clear Snake (hidden)
Metal Gear 20th Anniverary series 2 (2009 blind-boxed): Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Iroquois Pisken, Old Snake, Liquid Ocelot, PMC Soldier
Milk by Andy Lau (Hong Kong "milk" magazine promo)
bagged KUB-HK002: Shirtless, blue shirt
Milk and Shake
Boxed Milk and Shake Kubricks
Minority Report
Series 1 boxed: Agatha, John Anderson, Lamar Burgess, Lara Clarke (1/96), Pre Crime Cop, Spider, Danny Witwer, Dr Solomon Eddie (1/96)
Mirai No Omoide (Memories of the Future)
Set- Nando Rihito, Zashiki Boy
Mist-designed Kubricks
Bonass (pole dancer..., 300 lim)
Malus (Nov 2003)
Money Mark
Money Mark (exclusive with "Father Demo Square" CD)
Monkey Magic / Go West
Box set: Kubrick and gold Be@rbrick
Monsters, Inc
Series 1- Sulley, Boo, Celia, 4-armed CDA A, Little Mikey, Boo's Door (1/48)
Series 2- Mike, Boo in costume (very fragile!), CDA B, Randall, Yeti (2/24), Toy Story Jessie (1/48)
The Elders of Monsterism Island carded set (designed by Pete Fowler, released Nov 2006) : Grimpy and Local Diety Number 419
Moomin Valley
Series 1 blind boxed- Postman (1/48), Hemulem, Little My, MoominTroll, Policeman, Snork Maiden
Series 2 blind boxed- The Hattifatteners, MoominMamma, MoominPappa, Sniff, Too Ticky, Vifslan (secret)
Series 3 (MEDKUB-171A, Nov 2004) blind boxed- Farfadern, Mymble, Professor Moomin, Snufkin, Stinky, Tofslan (rare)
Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium
2008 box set: Mr Magorium, Sock Monkey Be@rbrick
Kermit the Frog (7/24), Miss Piggy (5/24), Fozzie Bear (4/24), Sam the Eagle (4/24), The Great Gonzo (4/24), Beaker (1/24)
Supreme Stores (on white card, April 2008): Kermit in Supreme t-shirt
Muscle Men (Kinnikuman)
Series 1 (carded)- Terryman, Meatman, Chinese Noodles Man, Brocken Man, Bone Man, Nakano, ? (here), Canadian Man
Series 2 (carded)- Rikishiman, Robin Mask, Wars Man, Blocken Jr, Prince Kamehame, Pentagon
Neighbor 13 (Rinjin 13)
Bagged, from theaters (6000 lim): normal, bloody with knife
Neon Genesis Evangelion (2000-)
400% EVA01 Test Type (WF03 exlusive)
According to the Medicom site, appears to be a KUBPR28 box set of Angels
Set B- human, alien, robot
EVA 00 Prototype- Blue robot, white robot, white hair pilot
EVA 01 Test Type 3 - Purple robot, brown robot, guy in blue pilot suit
Set 02 EVA-00 Prototype: EVA-00 Prototype, Rei, Ramiel, city backdrop prop
Set 03- Asuka, red robot, purple/blue robot
Set 04 (Set D)- miseto, EVA -, serial
Set 05 (Set E) EVA-03 Production Model- Jet Alone, Toji the 4th, EVA-03 Production Model, EVA Transport rack
Set 06 (Set F) EVA 01 Test Type - Zaruel, Misato Katsuragi, EVA-01 "overdrive"
Set 07 (Set G) EVA-05 Mass Production Model: Evo-05 Mass Production Model, EVA carrier wings, Kaworu Nagisa
Set 08 (Set H) EVA 02 Production Model Type D Set - EVA-02, Asuka in D plugsuit, 8th Angel Sandalphon,
Set 09 (Set I) EVA-01 Test Type: 12th Angel Leliel (black and white ball), Kamo Ryoji, EVA-01 Test Type (blood color)
Set 10 (Set J) EVA 2nd Angel- Giant of Light, Yui, Gendou, Keel Lorenz, "Sound Only" prop
You Are (Not) Alone Evangelion 1.0 (May 2009, blind-boxed): EVA Unit 01, EVA Unit 00, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, 4th Angel, 5th Angel
Nightmare Before Christmas
2001 Box set A- Jack Skellington, Sandy Claws, Zero
2001 Box set B- Oogie Boogie, Mayor, Playing Card with swords
2001 Box set C- Santa Jack in sleigh, 2 skeleton reindeer, scary teddy
2001 Box set D- Lock, Shock, and Barrel in the bath tub
2001 Box set E- Pajama Jack, Sally, Doctor Finklestein
Dec 2005 rerelease of Box set A- Jack Skellington, Sandy Claws, Zero. The white parts are glow-in-the-dark.
Dec 2005 rerelease of Box set B- Oogie Boogie, Mayor, Playing Card with swords. The white parts are glow-in-the-dark.
Dec 2005 rerelease of Box set C- Santa Jack in sleigh, 2 skeleton reindeer, scary teddy. The white parts are glow-in-the-dark.
Box set (Nov 2006): Glow in the dark Santa Jack with NMBC soundtrack CD
400% Jack Skellington (Dec 2006?)
2010 rerelease 2 pack: Jack & Sally
2010 rerelease 2 pack: Pajama Jack & Zero
2010 rerelease 2 pack: Pumpkin King & Hanging Tree
2010 rerelease: Santa Jack in Reindeer sleigh (glow in the dark, MEDKUB303)
2010 rerelease: Lock, Shock, Barrel in Bathtub (glow in the dark, MEDKUB304)
Generation Set A (1500 sets)- Crystal Swoosh, MC n.r.g., Nike TeHBrich, Double Dutch, FoosIT, and Battle Grounds.
Generation Set B (1500 sets, 2002)- Sean Barret "Funk Soul"; Steve Phemister: AfterShox; Greg Hoffman: Brasil; Andy Walker: Liquid Sport; Lance Lovett: Fugu; Richard Clark & Nicole Mueller: Double Dutch (Part Two)
Scorpion soccer Set - Luis Figo, Hidetoshi Nakata, Thierry Henry, System Agent, system ball
Scorpion soccer set Hong Kong edition: Figo, Henri, Nakata
Osamu Tezuka
Black Jack 30th anniversary: Pinoko book Black Jack, Pinoko book girl
Series 1 Astro Boy (Atom Boy, March 2001)- Astro Boy, Dr Pegasus, Dr Ochanomizu, Uran, Pluto, Gallon, yellow doghead? (1/24), Uranium Boy (secret 1/48)
Series 2 Metropolis (June 2001): Duke Red, FiFi, Hamegg, Kenichi, Pero, Rock, Shunsaku, Tima
Series 3 Blackjack: Older Sister (1/24), Blackjack, Pinoko, Kiriko, Taketaro, Kei, Black Queen, Spider (1/48)
400% France, 400% Russia, 400% Sweden
Palmboy Cooking Book set 'Devilock 7th Anniversary: Overdrive': Clear, Red
'London Nite' box set: Union Jack (also includes VHS tape, T-shirt)
Palmboy Box Set Two (7th anniversary set): Mom, Dad, Son, lemon-white
Box set (sold at Palm store): Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Rainbow
Series 1- White, Pink, Black, Lime, Yellow, Blue, laughing White, laughing Pink, laughing Black, laughing Lime, laughing Yellow, laughing Blue, Silver, Gold
Series 2- Rasta/Mexico, England, USA, Boy, Dad, Mom, USSR (rare), Sweden (rare), France (rare), green-coat Dad (rare), yellow-coat Mom (rare), white-coat Son (rare)
? - China, Britain
Pantone Kubricks
Power of Color Series 1 (all on one card) - 30 figures
Initial Booster Box (Tokyu Hands exclusive)- Yellow, Orange, Mauve, Blue, Grey
The Second Box - 5 in pastel-ish earth tones (Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow)
Power of Color (Scarlet, all on one card) - 15 figures, translucent reds
Power of Color Series 2 (all on one card)- 30 figures, translucent colors
Boxed Mail-in series (Oct 21-Dec 8, 2003?): Pepsiman, Pepsiman Original, Pepsiman Twist Man (MEDKUBPRO31), Pepsiman Twist Woman. (The Twist lemon hats are removable.)
Perfect Studio
Set: guy in black suit, guy in brown suit
Box Set: Boy and Girl
Phantom of the K-20 (movie)
Box set (Dec 2008): K-20, K-20 Be@rbrick
The Pillows
Quip magazine bonuses (2001): Busters (orange, bagged), Busters (clear), Busters (black and white two pack), Busters (glow in the dark)
400% Busters: Orange, Black, Glow in the dark
Ping Pong
Set - Peco, Smile, China, Dragon, Akuma
Pirates of the Carribean
Boxed set: Dead Men's Chest: Jack Sparrow, Aztec Coin Be@rbrick
2007: Cannibal make-up Jack Sparrow
HMV Exclusive (2007, KUBPRO70): shirtless cannibal make-up Jack Sparrow
Boxed Set: Curse of the Black Pearl: Jack Sparrow and Barbossa Be@rbrick
Boxed Set: Dead Men's Chest: Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones Be@rbrick
Boxed Set: On Stranger Tides: Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard Be@rbrick
Planet of the Apes (8 vintage movie sets, 4 Burton movie sets, exclusive figure, ~2001)
General Ape (KUBPRO-008, exclusive to Japan PotA show)
Tim Burton Set A- Thade, Ari, Limbo, tent
Tim Burton Set B- Attar, Ape Commander, Chimp Warrior, War horse
Tim Burton Set C (MEDKUB-60, May 2002)- Leo, Daena, Pericles, Explorer pod
Tim Burton Set D- Statue of Thade, Krull, Sandar, Effigy
Set A The Greatest Ape- Cornelius, Dr Zaius, Zera, Greatest Ape statue
Set B- General Ursus, Soldier Ape A, Soldier Ape B, Stallion
Set C- Taylor, Nova, Stallion, Statue of Liberty
Set D- General Urko, Soldier Ape, Stallion, Jail cart
Set E Bridge Set "Conquest"- Caesar, General Aldo, Caesar Land's Ape, Bridge
Set F "Escape From"- Cornelius as astronaut, astronaut Dr. Milo, astronaut Ziro, Icarus space ship
Set G Jail Set- Soldier Ape, Taylor, Lucius, jail
Set H Mutant Human Subway Set - Brent, Mutant Human, Mutant Human Soldier, Subway stage
Ponkikis (P-Kies, Ponky Kids 21)
Series 1 blind boxed (MEDKUB-96A): Gatchapin, Mukku, Tanachu, Ootapikari, Pinzoo, secret diver (1/48)
Series 2 blind boxed: Green lizard thing, male bear, female bear, red B bear, red monster, secret skydiver (1/48)
Pop'n Music 10
Box set: Apple cat girl, shamrock cat girl
Post Pet FunFactory Amusement Boxes
Series 1: Pink Be@rbrick, Cardboard box, cute red robot, police black robot, cat
Series 2 bears: Pale Pink, Hot Orange, Snow White, Yellow Gold, Dark Black, Lime Green, Cool Blue, Earth Brown
Project 1/6
Project 1/6 Monotone: Kubrick and Be@rbrick
Project 1/6 Reopening - Levi's: Red, Yellow, Blue (?)
Project Woo Giant glow-in-the-dark Yeti with figure
Queen Kong (2002)
Retail bagged: Pink, Yellow, Green, Swimsuit, Normal
Quip Magazine
June 2001: Quip
Real Steel
Box Sets (Jan 2012): Atom and Max, Noisy Boy and Charlie
Reservoir Dogs (2002)
Set A - Joe, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink, Mr. White
Set B - Mr Blue, Nice-Guy Eddie, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde
Boxed Mayhem rabbits: Purple, Yellow, Orange, Dark yellow
Boxed set of Mayhem rabbits / Series 2: Royal, Lunatic, Magical, 7Stail
RetroFewture (RetroFuture)
Box set (Robot Station 2002 opening exclusive): Little Retro, RB-02
Rider Chips
Box set: 5 band members with instruments, drum set
HMV exclusive bagged "Rider Chips" CD promotion: Masked Rider
Trippin Nite 02 Eyeball
Glow Elephant
Set 1: Apollo, Rocky, Adrian
Set 2: Apollo, Rocky, Mickey
Rody Gymnic (A cowboy, Rody Boy, who has various colored horses)
Amusement Box prizes: Red, Pink, Yellow, Lime, Orange, Blue, Rodyboy
Limited Color Edition: Turquoise, Lavender, White, Brown, Silver, Gold, Rody Boy
7-11 35th Anniversary "ROOKIES" 70% Alarm Clock Box Set (May 29, 2009; raffled off at five sets per store): Yousuke Kawamura, Ken Sato, Kenta Kiritani, Hajime Takaoka, Shunji Igarashi, Onoue Hiroyuki, Shirota, Keisuke Koide, Ryuta Sato, Hayato Ichihara, Nakao Yoshiaki, Stadium alarm clock playset
Ryu ga Gotoku ("Yakuza")
Box set: Kiryu, Majima, Haruka
Saiyuki Son Gokou
Box set: Son Gokou, Be@rbrick
Samuraider Complete Box by Shinichi Sugimura
Book (Samurider '88 manga Vol. 1 - 2) set includes Samurai Kubrick
400% Santa (with three be@rbrick fingerpuppets (red, blue, yellow))
100% Santa (WCC13, three halfsize Be@bricks (red, blue, yellow))
Sesame Street
series 1 blind boxed - Big Bird (6/24), Grover (5/24), Count (5/24), Ernie (5/24), Little Bird (3/24), Twiddle Bug Green (1/48)
series 2 blind boxed - Elmo (6/24), Oscar the Grouch (6/24), Bert (5/24), Herry Monster (4/24), Prairie Dawn (3/24), Twiddle Bug Blue (1/48)
Recolored Elmo series: White, blue, grey, red, green, pink, brown
Recolored Oscar series: White, blue, grey, original, yellow, pink, orange
Sex Pistols
Box Set: Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Steve Jones, and Paul Cook
Box Set B (2008?): (alternate clothing)
Bagged movie benefits: Donkey, Shrek, Fiona, Gingerbread man
Set A- Shrek, Lord Farquaad, Gingerbread man (comes with 2 alt heads)
Set B- Donkey, Princess Fiona, Mascot Boy
Set C- Armored Shrek, Ogre Fiona
Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious (in wood box)
Silas Martin (James Jarvis designs)
World of Pain blind boxed: Yellow shirt, Red shirt, Black shirt, White shirt (rare), Orange shirt, Blue shirt
World of Pain box set: Evil Martin, Bubba, Tatoo-Me Keith, Bearded Prophet, Police Man, Lars
400%- Blue, Black
Box Set A- Papa Smurf, Clown, Smurf
Series 1- Papa Smurf, Clown, Smurf
Series 2- Astro, Black Smurf, Grouchy
Series 3- Prisoner, King, Devil
Series 4- Smurfette, Caveman, Santa Papa Smurf
Series 5 (evidently never released)- Clockwork Smurf, Granpa Smurf, Spy Smurf
Series 6 (evidently never released)- Super Smurf, Apprentice Smurf, Pirate Smurf
Snoopy Showcase - Showcase info
Vol 0 (Sept 2006): Pilot Snoopy, Space Snoopy, Cool Snoopy, Cane Snoopy, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty, Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown
Volume 1 boxed set (Oct 2006): Snoopy at typewriter with Woodstock
Volume 2 boxed set (Dec 2006): Red Baron Snoopy on his dog house
Volume 3 boxed set (April 2007): Charlie Brown and Space Snoopy
Volume 4 boxed set (June 2007): Lucy and Joe Cool Snoopy
Soccer (see also Nike Scorpion soccer set)
Shinji Ono Kubrick and Bearbrick DVD set
Kashima Antlers (3 players + one reindeer)
Urawa Reds (3 players + 1 bear coach, the Vodafone team)
2001: Black Sonicmania and t-shirt
Spawn by McFarlane Toys
Series 1 (Fall 2006, carded): Violator (1/8), Redeemer (1/12), Clown (1/12), Spawn (1/4, KUBS-243), Overtkill (1/12), Tremor (1/12), variant Gold Violator (1/24, KUBS-244), variant brown Redeemer (1/24), variant unmasked Clown (1/24), variant Hamburger Head Spawn (1/18), variant green (ectoplasm?) Spawn, variant white Overtkill (1/24), variant blue Tremor (1/24), Chase A (gold Spawn, 1/72, KUBS-243), Chase B (blue Spawn, 1/72)
Special Forces
SAS Assault Vehicle (Oct 2002)
SAS 80s set of 4 figures (Oct 2002)
guy in jersey, swat team peoples (5 different sorts), Hooligan B (rare)
Series 1 Nov 2000- FBI (A) (5/24), FBI (B) (4/24), SAS A (7/24), blue SAS A (1/96), SAS B (6/24), blue SAS B (1/24), Terrorist (2/24)
Series 2 Jan 2001- Police A (5/24), Police B (4/24), Gang A (2/24), Gang B (1/24), SWAT A (7/24), SWAT B (6/24), female SWAT (1/96)
Series 3 July 2001- SWAT A (7/24), SWAT B (1/96), SWAT C (6/24), SWAT D (5/24), FW2025 (4/24), ESI (2/24), Gang C (1/48), Gang D (1/48)
Series 4 Nov 2001- Cobra (7/24), Hooligan A (6/24), Hooligan B (1/24), GIGN A (5/24), GIGN B (4/24), Sek (2/24), Land Warrior (1/96)
Series 5 'Enemy's Posse' July 2002- East Gang A (7/24), East Gang B (1/48), West Gang A (6/24), West Gang B (5/24), West Gang C (4/24), Detachment Delta (2/24), Navy Seals (1/24), SAS Camouflage (1/96)
Series 6 Nov 2002- SAS Winter A (7/24), SAS Winter B (6/24), GSG-9 (5/24), Spetsnaz (4/24), Gang E (2/24), Gang F (3/96), SAS Overhood (1/96)
Spiderman 3
HMV Exclusives (bagged, 2007): Black Spiderman, Spiderman
HMV Exclusive (boxed, 2007): 400% Spiderman
DVD preorder exclusive (Oct 17 2007, KUBPR69): Battle-damaged Spiderman
Regular line (Nov 2007): Black Spiderman, Spiderman, Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin Jr, Peter Parker, Peter Parker with Spiderman undershirt (chase)
Spongebox Squarepants
Box set (June 2010, MEDKUB268): Spongebob, Patrick
Spy Kids
plain black Kubrick with "SPYkids" written on it (WCC13 exclusive)
Rebel Ape (WCC14, figure looks like Che)
Star Wars (JediDefender checklist, list with pictures, cool customs)
400% Boba Fett (Bounty Hunter exclusive), 400% ESB Boba Fett
400% Luke Stormtrooper (2000 made), 400% Han Stormtrooper (2000 made)
Fall 2006, Blister exclusive: 400% Darth Vader, 400% ROTJ Boba Fett
Spring 2007 Blister exclusive: 400% Stealth Stormtrooper
400% C3-P0
400% TC-14 (July 2010, 300 made)
Box Sets
Early Bird Certificate set (Jan 2003): Luke, Leia, R2D2, Chewbacca
Toys R Us Box Set 1 (MEDKUBS513): Hologram Kenobi, Han Solo, Paploo, R5-D4, R2-Q5
Toys R Us Box Set 2: Ceremonial Luke, K-3PO, R5-A1, Romba, Ten Nunb
Forthcoming Box Set (2008): Spirit of Darth Vader, black R2, Chewbacca with bowcaster, Mace Windu, Y-Wing Pilot
Endor Box Set (MEDKUBS119): Speeder Bike, Endor Luke, Endor Leia
Max Rebo Band box set (Wonder Festival Exclusive, Feb 2005): Max Rebo, Max's organ, Sny Snootles, Doda Bodonawieedo, Droopy McCool
Medicom Website exclusive box set (April 2007): Luke with Yoda, yellow C3-PO, Snowtrooper, B-Wing Pilot, 2-1B
Nov 2006 box set: Biker Scout with Speeder Bike (this Biker Scout has dirty legs and battle worn armor)
2007 Mail-away Box set: Dagobah Luke with Yoda, Droids C3-PO, B-Wing Pilot, 2-1B
2008 box set (limited to 2007): Uzay Blue Stars Snowtrooper
2008 box set (limited to 2007): Darth Maul and Sith Speeder box set
2008 AoTC box set (limited to 2008): AoTC C-3PO, Jango Fett (rocket pack), red Clone Captain, Arena Padme, Super Battle Droid
Fett box set (May 2009): Jango Fett (unmasked) and young Boba Fett
2009 box set (KUBSP 318, July 2009, limited to 2009): Y-Wing Pilot, Chewbacca Hoth gear, Darth Vader holograph, R2-B5 (misnamed R2-B1), Mace Windu
Tatooine box set (2010): C3-P0, R2-D2
Box set: Luke in Stormtrooper gear, Han in Stormtrooper gear
WCC23 (limited to 2006): carded Blackhole Stormtrooper
2007 Parco exclusive: carded clearish Han Solo in Carbonite (there's actually a figure in the block)
Carded: Boba Fett (Medicom Toy Exhibition 03), Droids R2D2 (2004 lim), Blonde Tatooine Luke (Art of Star Wars Exhibition, MCC), Black Shoulder Pauldron Sandtrooper (Medicom Toy Exhibition 04), Droids Boba Fett (2004 lim), Hologram Leia (WCC19), Darth Vader (Medicom Toy Exhibition 05), Jorg Sucal X-Wing Pilot (Medicom Toy Exhibition 06), Spirit of Yoda (Medicom Toy Exhibition 08, KUBPRO74)
Series One carded (2007) 'Bounty Hunters collectors' set of 6: Dengar, IG88, Boba Fett (chase edition), Bossk, 4-LOM, Zuckuss
Series Two carded (June 2008): Sandtrooper, Han Solo, Cantina Band Member (with all instruments), Ben Kenobi, Greedo, Tusken Raider
2008 carded: Shadow Guard (from "The Force Unleashed" video game)
Boba Fett Collection carded set of 6 (July 4 2009, Medicom Toy Exhibition 09, 1000 sets): McQuarrie Concept, Holiday Special, Black and white, Droids, Vintage Kenner toy, Alternate McQuarrie
Wonder Festival 09 carded (limited to 1000): Chewbacca
Parco 2009 carded: silver Darth Vader (KUBPRO75, homage to 2002 Toy Fair Darth Vader)
Wonder Festival 2010 carded (limited to 1000): Darth Vader with Luke's face
Medicom Toy Exhibition 2011 carded: Stormtrooper, Boba Fett
Parco 2011 carded: Vinyl cape Obi-Wan Kenobi (has darker hair than non-carded version)
Wonder Festival 2011 carded (limited to 500, KUBS333): chrome top R2-D2
Medicom Toy Exhibition 2012 carded: Hologram Darth Maul (KUBPRO079)
Wonder Festival 2012 carded (limited to 1000): Emperor's Royal Guard, C-3P0 (detachable limbs), TC-14
Medicom Toy Exhibition 2013 carded: R2-D2 (Jabba's Barge, KUB Special 354), C-3PO (with Salacious Crumb, KUB Special 355)
Medicom Toy Exhibition 2013 Preview Party carded: R5-D4
Medicom Toy Exhibition 2014 Preview Party carded: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight outfit)
Medicom Toy Exhibition 2016 Preview Party carded: Luke Skywalker (A New Hope outfit)
Boxed Series
Series 1 (April 2003): 4-Lom, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, Boba Fett, Zuckuss, Boba Fett with ROTJ gloves (1/48, only in Hong Kong boxes), Boba Fett with Vintage gloves (1/48, only in Japan boxes)
Series 2 (Nov 2003): Greedo, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sandtrooper, Tusken Raider, Cantina band member (instrument group A, only in Japan boxes), Cantina band member (instrument group B, 2/12, only in Hong Kong boxes), Indiana Jones (1/48, light brown hat with brown band, whip, idol), Alternate Sandtrooper (1/12)
Series 3 (Oct 2004): AT-AT Driver, C3-PO, carbonation sickness Han (3/48), Han Solo in Carbonite, Jawa, vinyl cape Jawa (1/48), Lando, Wicket, Logray (1/48)
Series 4 (June 2005): Darth Vader, Emperor, Hoth Han Solo, Bespin Luke, Nien Numb, Stormtrooper, Luke as Vader (1/48), Stormtrooper Han (1/48), Stormtrooper Luke (1/48)
Series 5 (Oct 2005, MEDKUB-214A): Admiral Ackbar, Death Star Gunner, Slave Leia, Jedi Luke, red Snaggletooth, Yoda, chase Ponda Baba (1/96), chase Endor Han (2/48), chase blue Snaggletooth (1/96)
Series 6 (June 2006): Tie Fighter Pilot, Death Star Trooper, X-Wing Pilot Luke, Rebel Trooper, RA-7, R4-M9, Imperial Commander (chase), Grand Moff Tarkin (chase), X-Wing Pilot Wedge (chase)
Series 7 (Nov 2006): Emperor's Royal Guard (4/12), Biker Scout Trooper (3/12)(this Biker Scout version has clean armor), Leia in Boushh Disguise (1/12), Lando in Skiff Disguise (1/12), Gamorrean Guard (1/12), Spirit of Anakin (2/12), Senate Guard (secret, 2/48, in Royal Guard box), Yak Face (secret, 1/96, in Guard box), old Anakin Skywalker (secret, 1/96, in Spirit box)
Series 8 (April 2008): Darth Maul (12/48), Anakin in podracer outfit (4/48), Queen Amidala (4/48), Qui-Gon (8/48), C-3PO (Phantom Menace, 8/48), Battle Droid (12/24), Jar Jar (1/48, hidden in Battle Droid box), Aurra Sing (1/96, hiden in C-3P0 box), Saesee Tiin (1/96, hidden in Qui-Gon box)
Series 9 (June 2008): Clone Trooper (4/12), Jango Fett (missile pack, 3/12), Obi-Wan Kenobi (1/12), Count Dooku (1/12), Anakin (1/12), Yoda (2/12), Clone Commander (secret in Clone Trooper box), Shaak Ti (secret in the Anakin box), Zam Wessell (secret in Count Dooku box)
Series 10 (June 2009): Clone Trooper (28/96), ROTC Darth Vader (24/96), Jedi Anakin Skywalker (8/96), General Grievous (15/96), Darth Sidious (8/96), Tarrful (7/96), Commander Gree (chase, 4/96, in Clone Trooper box), Tion Medon (1/96, chase, in Tarfful box), General Grievous (4 arms, chase, 1/96, in General Grievous box)
Boba Fett series (June 2009): "Vintage Toy" Fett (11/48), "Black & white" Fett (10/48), "Droids" Fett (8/48), "Holiday Special" Fett (8/48), "McQuarrie/Johnston" Fett (4/48), "McQuarrie" Fett (4/48), "Prototype/Vintage Color" Fett (2/48, found in Black & White Fett box), "L-slot Prototype" Fett (1/96, found in "Vintage Toy" Fett box), "J-slot Rocket" Fett (1/96, found in "Vintage Toy" Fett box)
Deluxe Boxed Series
Deluxe Series 1: Jabba's Palace (2010, collect them all to build Jabba on dias): Jabba's Palace Luke, Boushh Bounty Chewbacca, C3PO with Salacios Crumb, R2D2 with bartender suit, Bib Fortuna, Amanaman, Boba Fett (secret), Bib Fortuna in red (secret). One Jabba's Palace background was included with every case.
Deluxe Series 2: Hoth (Sept 2010, collect them all to build AT-ST): Hoth Luke, blue Hoth Han, Hoth Leia, Hoth Chewbacca, Snowtrooper Commander, red C3-P0, Hoth Trooper (1/96 secret, in Luke box), AT-ST driver (1/96 secret, in Snowtrooper box). One Hoth background was included in every case.
Deluxe Series 3: Tatooine (July 2011, MEDKUB-299, collect them all to build Landspeeder): Tatooine cloak Luke, vinyl cape Obi Wan Kenobi, R5-D4, tan vinyl cape Tusken Raider, Garindan, sandy Sandtrooper, Hammerhead (1/96, hidden in Sandtrooper boxes), Uncle Owen (1/96, hidden in Obi Wan boxes). One Tattooine review is in every case.
Deluxe Series 4: Death Star (2011?, collect all main six to build a ESB probe droid): vinyl cape Darth Vader, vinyl cape Princess Leia, R2-D2, Rebel, gray Tie Fighter Pilot, Imperial Dignitary
Sweeney Todd
Box Set (October 2008, #240): Sweeney, bloody black Be@rbrick
Recon STASH Spray
1000% dark translucent with red splotch
400% dark translucent with red splotch, 400% Stash (clear with paint spots), 400% Futura (black with red splotch)
Canned MEDKUBS052 (1/6 Project Shop April 26 2003 exclusive): silver chrome Spray Can Kubrick with nozzle top head
dark / metallic chrome Spray Can Kubrick with nozzle top head
Copper legged Kubrick with translucent green top/head (Recon Stash store exclusive)
black Spray Stash kubrick (WCC15 exclusive)
Boxed: Stash (clear), Futura (red/black)
Bagged: Stash Relax (translucent green)
SPRAY STASH 400% ABS (toycon)
SPRAY STASH 100% ABS (toycon)
400% Eames dot pattern (white on black)
Box set: black, red, orange
Wood 'Eames Office' box set 2004: Red, black, yellow
PAP series 1 black box (3 people)
PAP series 2 silver box (3 people)
Ragamuffin "Customade" box set of 3 black (3 people)
Ragamuffin "Customade" box set of 3 white (3 people)
Superman Returns
Boxed set (MEDKUB219): Superman, Silver Superman logo Be@rbrick
"5UM" aka "1 Time For Ur Mind" box set: DSRT.CMFLG, US.CMFLG
Taito Amusement Dr. Slump (from UFO Catcher machines)
Series 1- Dr Slump, Dr Mashirito, Taro Soramama, Superman, Caraman Man 1
Series 2- Caramel Man 2, Gacchan, Pizuke Soramame, Tarzan, Tori
Taito Amusement Prize Wrestlers
Series 1: Tiger Mask, purple tiger, miracle 3, red bug, green lizard (not sure of names?)
Series 2: Great Zebra, Lion Man, The Skulstar, Tiger Mask, Tolanoana Kaneu
Tamala 2010 Cat
Tamala 2010 Exhibition: 400% Tamala
Movie promo: Black and White Tamala (in bag)
Tamala 2010 Exhibition: Tamala cat, Tamala in bandages
Box set: Tamala, Mike
Soundtrack bonus: Black Tamala (from Kitty and Co. postal)
Team America World Police
Japan DVD Box Set: Gary and Lisa
Terminator 3 Bagged movie benefit: T1
Terminator 3 Set A: T-850, T-X, John Connor, Coffin
Terminator 3 Set B: Damaged T-850, Human T-X, Kate Brewster, T-1
Terminator Salvation Set (May 2009?): John Connor, T-600 Be@rbrick
Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor)
bagged Tetsujin 28 (2001 Wizard World/SDCC exclusive)
canned Black/White Tetsujin 28, Karorria Tetsujin (777, WCC12 exclusive)
Box set: T-28, Jimmy Sparks, Black Ox
Tin Can Toy
Tin Can Toy set: MP Kubrick, GI Kubrick, tin jeep
To-Fu Oyako (Tofu)
400% Mother, 400% Child (Tofu Cafe opening exclusives)
Coletto-Fu box set (500): Mommy-Fu and Child-Fu
To-Fu 34/102 book: Comes with Japan To-Fu Kubrick
To-Fu 68/102 book: Comes with Santa To-Fu Kubrick
Navi Tofu (Tofu Cafe opening giveaway)
'Solio meets To-Fu Oyako' boxes (Suzuki Showroom giveaway): Mother, Child
Project 1/6 stores exclusive (July 31-Aug 1, 2003) bagged: To-Fu-A, To-Fu-B, To-Fu-C
Tour De Urban Jungle Taipei Toy Festival (TTF) exclusive (July 2007) box set: TTF 50%, Taipei Toy Festival To-fu
Series 1 (2000): Oyako red, Egg, Poison, Oyako blue, America
Series 2: Brother 1, Brother 2, White Egg, China, Hot
Series 3: W&C Water, W&C Carrot, Mecha, King, Sesame, Fake
Series 4: Eco Mother, Eco Father, France, Bean, Mecha
Series 5: Fake, Angel, Gacha, Yakko, UK
Series 6: Milk, New Zealand, Dog, Yogurt, Strawberry
Series 7 (May 2006): ToFu Okan , ToFu Oton, Dokuro ToFu, ToFu Bear, Annin ToFu
Fifth Anniversary Set (Dec 2006?)
Devil Mix set (Nov 2008?): Evirob, Maffy, Kaizoku Chan, Hellcats, Kiiro
Radio Slave x Devilrobots Tofu (Aug 2010, 300 lim.))
Tokyo Toy Show
2000 Memorial Model MEDKUB-000 bagged: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White (all plain with MediComToy written across the chest)
2001 Memorial Model TTS-2001 (in holders): Clear Red, Clear Yellow, Clear Blue (all plain with MediComToy written across the chest)
Tokyo Tribe 2
400% KAI
Santastic! Box: Santastic! Wear: IWAO
Series 1: Kai, Saru Crew (6/24), Hasheem (3/24), Imp, Sunmi, Godno, Police Officer, Shokicho, Tera (3/96)
Series 2 (2003): Merra, Wu-Ronz, Jadakins, Galileo, Nincoi, Skunk, Bubba, Merra in fur (1/32), Sunmi (1/96)
Series 3 (MEDKUB-147A, June 2004) blind boxed: Neo-Wuronz, Skunk, Lefty, Iwao, Shin-Juku Hands, High Priest, Tamiya (3/96), Peace Hands Priest (chase)
Tokyo Zombie movie
Carded: Kubrick and Be@rbrick
Tokyu Hands (Creative Life stores)
Box set: Boy employee, girl employee
Toy Story
Box Set A: Buzz, RC, Woody
Box Set B: Sister's Doll, Sid, Dog, Crawling Baby Head, Pterodactyl head (for Doll)
Boxed (April 2010?): Woody (7/24), Buzz (6/24), LGM (3/24), Jessie (3/24), Zurg (3/24), Army Man (3/24)
Toy Story 3 (Oct 2010?): Buzz, Rex, Hamm, Bullseye, Lotso Huggin Bear
bagged: Fake, Trick (10-8-01 to 12-8-01 Hong Kong ToyCon exclusive)
bagged: Andy Lau "Denim", Andy Lau "Flattering Tiger" (Hong Kong Toycon 2002 exclusive)
Trigun (2002)
Box set - Vash, Nicholas, Monev the Gale
Tron Legacy (2010)
Legacy box set (Oct 2010): Flynn, Sark
Box set: Clu, black Be@rbrick
Daft Punk box set: Daft Punk guys
Sam box set: Sam, Sam's Lightcycle Be@rbrick
Tron Movie (2001)
Set A - Tron, Yori, orange Light Cycle
Set B - Flynn, Tank, red Light Cycle
Set C - Recognizer, Soldier, yellow Light Cycle
Set D - Sark, MCP, blue light cycle
Wireframe Limited Edition (wireframe lightcycle, wireframe Tron character)
Ugen Man Tama Diary
Sakura Tamakichi, Hiropon, Choriso, Mr. O
Ugo Ugo Ruga
carded series: Tomato Chan, Talebi Kun, Ichigo-Seijin, Luga-Chan, Ugu-Ugu Kun, Puli-Puli Hakase, Mikann Sei Jin
Box set: 3 people, one yellow headed creature
400% Ultraman (Wonder Festival 2004)
400% Garamon black and white (1/6 Club)
400% Garamond (1/6 Club, June 2004)
400% Garamond marble (1/6 Club, March 2005)
Glico Series: Ultraman, 3 various pilots, Baltan monster, blue eyes Dada monster, 3 other monsters. 10 secrets: 2 different Ultraman, 3 different-faced pilots, different colored Baltan, green eyes Dada, Zoffy, black/white Ragon, red eyes Dada
HyperHobby Magazine pack-ins: HyperHobby Ultraman, HyperHobby Blue Baltan
Glico Ultraman series: Five monsters
Box set (Parco, 2007): Ultraman, Kemurujin, ?, ?
Ultra Seven
Casio G-Shock Ultraseven box set (watch with three figures)
Umizaru Movie ("Sea Monkey")
Box set: Senzaki Daisuke (also includes 2 "can badge" pins)
Universal Monsters (2 series)
Series 1- Frankenstein's Monster (6/24), Bride of Frankenstein (5/24), Dracula (4/24), Mummy (4/24), the Wolf Man (3/24), Dr. Frankenstein (2/24), Invisible Man (1/24), Frankenstein's Lab Table (secret, 1/48)
Series 2- Creature from the Black Lagoon (6/24), Hunchback/Quasimodo (3/24), bandaged Invisible Man (4/24), Metaluna Mutant (5/24), Mole People (2/24), The Phantom (4/24), Vamprella (secret, 1/48), Dracula's Crate (secret, 1/48)
Box set: Carl and Balloon Be@rbrick
Usual Suspects Box Set
Dean Keaton, Roger 'Verbal' Kint, Michael McManus, Todd Hockney, Fred Fenster, Keyser Soze
Armored Trooper Votoms Scope Dog
Set A (MEDKUB-06, 2000)- Scope Dog (Red Shoulder), Chirico Cuvie (A)
Set B (MEDKUB-07, 2000)- Scope Dog (Round Mover), Chirico Cuvie (B)
Set C (MEDKUB-08, 2000)- Brutush Dog, Fiana
Unknown release date 2009: Comedian, Nite Owl II, Ozymandias, Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Silk Spectre II
Where the Wild Things Are
October 2009 individual figures: Max, the 7 Wild Things
October 2009 box set: Max in Rumpus suit, 'Max' Be@rbrick
October 2009 400% (?): Max
White Dunk
bagged White Dunk (Jan 2004)
Woody Woodpecker
Series 1 boxed Amusement prizes (Sept 2005)- Woody, Chilly Willy, Buzz Buzzard, Winnie, weird Mouse guy
World Characters Convention
WCC11: Blue Kubrick with WCC logo
WCC12: Orange Kubrick with WCC and GSX logo
WCC13: Black with Spykids logo, Santa Kubrick 400% (with red, blue, and yellow finger Be@rbricks), Santa Kubrick (with red, blue, and yellow 50% Be@rbricks)
WCC14: white Be@rbrick, Che (Aptehoven)
WCC15: black Be@rbrick
WCC16: fuschia Be@rbrick, Alife Jest (limited to 500)
WCC17: yellow future Mickey
WCC18: yellow Doreamon
WCC19: red future Mickey
X-Girl Bunny
carded X-Girl Bunnies: red, blue, and black
X-Men 2 Movie
Movie benefit KUBPRO-023: bagged X-Men Wolverine (no 'X' across chest, 20000 lim)
DVD set KUBPRO-027: boxed X-Men 2 Wolverine
X-Large Little Friend
carded: Monkey, transparent Monkey
Yugen Mantama Nikki
5 boxed figures
Additional Contributors: ahPook, triple aitch, bloks, mondocoyote, tanyukun83, ronnicshop. Thanks!

Additional references would be the Kubrick Books (last published in 2002..?), the Kubrick Perfect Guide magazine,

I personally really like the GAOGAIGAR and Votom sets because those let you add on the suit pieces to other characters.